The Battle of Kuamo’o Continues

The Kuamo'o Burial Memorial. Photo by W Nowiki

I have a notion that the Battle of Kuamo’o still rages absent the muskets and cannon. But, the battlefield is not a physical place. It’s a place where old and new Hawaiian cultural and political ideologies swirl about, looking for a place to land. Read More

Can We Talk About the Papahanaumokuakea Marine Monument?


The decision whether to expand the marine national monument should only be made with public input. Read More

“God is in the Flowers” – Marriage Equality & the Queen

Liliuokalani statue

In the wake of the recent political storm that raged over the state legislature’s approval of same-gender marriage, I’m compelled to share this with you as something that hopefully will give you pause for thought and perhaps turn a light on in your heart. Read More